Become a Better Man, a Better Leader and a Better Mason

Who are we?

Freemasons come from all walks of life – from the rich and famous to the poor and obscure. Masons are men who have joined together to improve themselves. The latter is accomplished through the principles and ceremonies of the fraternity and the application of those in their homes, in their work, and in their communities. They endeavor to extend Masonic lessons into their daily lives in order to become positive influences in their homes, communities, nation, and throughout the world. They base their efforts on morality, justice, charity, truth and the laws of God. Worldwide, membership encompasses millions of men who believe and support the same fundamental principles.

How do I become a Mason?

The answer is very simple. 

  • You must believe in a Supreme Being
  • You must be a Man
  • You must be at least 18 years of age

If you can answer yes to these questions then the final step is easy. Just Ask…..

Community outreach

Grayling Masonic Lodge is dedicated to helping our community, neighbors, friends, and family in any way that we can. If there is anything we can do, please don't hesitate to ask.

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