Our Mission

To promote a way of life that binds like-minded men in a worldwide brotherhood that transcends all religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational differences; by teaching the great principles of brotherly love, relief and truth; and, by the outward expression of these through its fellowship, to find ways in which to serve God, family, country, neighbors and self.

Grayling Lodge #356 is more than just a building; it is the spirit and soul of the brothers who live by the ideals championed in Masonry and illustrated by the Declaration of Independence. It is a place where men of all races and beliefs gather to share in fellowship, self-improvement and service to community. Fellowship between brothers is of the utmost importance for the development of a strong and lasting bond. Our members have a keen sense of fellowship and pride in our lodge and are actively seeking ways to improve our unity. Our lodge is dedicated to working together to promote the Masonic Values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth in ourselves by actively developing our knowledge of these principles and sharing them with others. We understand and practice what it means to be a Mason inside and outside of the lodge. We as Masons provide support to our brothers, families, widows and to our community and schools by donating time and money. In this way our Lodge continues to be a viable option in the life of the twenty-first century man..

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